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We have it all in one place. We offer a complete line of packaging and janitorial supplies, and we deliver the expert advice that ensures you get the best performance and greatest value from those supplies.
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Letter from the President

Our Customers:

Welcome to our web site.

This site is important for us. It provides an additional resource for us to serve you, our customers, and it is one more step in our growth.

We first opened our doors in 1954 to serve industry in the Tri-State area. Since that time, we have continuously added the new packaging and janitorial products and services we believed would help the growing number of customers in our region and across the country become more successful.

We've expanded our product line so that you could save time and money by purchasing more of your needed supplies from one source. We stock more than 500 different types of products, and we have a network of leading suppliers we can use to obtain nearly anything quickly and economically.

From our facility in the industrial district of Broomall, PA, we are able to speed deliveries to our regional and national customers, because we've expanded the number of delivery vehicles and other delivery resources we use.

We're continually adding new information systems. Those systems assure that your orders will be filled and delivered when and where you require them. But more importantly, these systems help us keep your accounts current and correct.

Over the years, we've gained a lot of knowledge about packaging and janitorial products and how they should be used to give businesses competitive advantage. Now, we are making that expertise available to you under our new service program. In that way, you can benefit from our years of experience in industry.

Now, with our web site, we have a place where you can learn more about our products and services, obtain hints on becoming more effective in business, and get information about special offers.

And let me stress something. We use new technologies to make us more effective in serving you - not as a means to hide from you. Of course, we always welcome your telephone calls and want to talk with you. We will still communicate with you via the mail. We just think that, as far as communicating with you is concerned, the more the better.

While we are keeping up with new technologies, we are careful to stay the same where it counts. We want you to feel close to us and think of us as a member of your business family. While we are growing, we are still small enough to treat you with the same old-fashioned honesty, integrity and professionalism we've always practiced.

Please spend some time with our site, examining the various pages and the helpful materials we're presenting. Then, please let us know how we could make it better and more useful to you.

Thanks for your time.

Robert Gorr,
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