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Your Requirement Safe, clean and attractive work environment

Your work premises have a big impact on the success or failure of your business. Employees work more effectively in clean, pleasant surroundings. In good surroundings, workers exhibit more positive, enthusiastic attitudes, the kinds of attitudes needed for productivity and creativity. An orderly workspace promotes orderly work. And once your employees perceive the quality of their work environment, they will help maintain those work conditions. On the other hand, disorderly and dirty environments sap energy and promote disorganization. And unsafe environmental conditions open you up to troubling liability issues.

Our Answer The best cleaning products and advice available

We can help you with your cleaning requirements.
  • Maintenance Equipment & Cleaners - Brooms, Bulbs, Floor Care, Ice Melts, Mats, Mops & Equipment, Sweeping Compound, Cleaners, Disinfectants, Polishes, Waxes
  • Paper Supplies - Facial Tissues, Sanitary Napkins, Seat Covers, Toilet Tissues & Towels
  • Safety Supplies - Coveralls, Dust Masks & Other Respiratory Protection and Care, Ear Plugs & Hearing Protectors, First Aid Kits, Gloves, Goggles, Eye Protection & Care, Precautionary Signs, Supports for Back, Knee & Wrist
  • Soaps - Antibacterial Soaps, Bar Soaps, Dispensers, Hand Soaps, Heavy Duty Soaps & Cleaners, Liquid Soaps, Lotions, Powdered Soaps
  • Trash Containers, Cans & Liners - Biohazard Receptacles, Food Service Receptacles, Industrial-Strength Trash Cans, Liners of All sizes and Types, Mobile Recycling Collection Equipment, Office Waste Receptacles
  • Wipers, Rags & Dispensers - Cotton & Cotton-Polyester Blends, Polo Knits, Synthetic Fabrics, T-Shirt Fabrics, Terry Cloth, Washed & Recycled Materials
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