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We have it all in one place. We offer a complete line of packaging and janitorial supplies, and we deliver the expert advice that ensures you get the best performance and greatest value from those supplies.
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Your Requirement - Safe Delivery to Your Customers

When your products arrive in good condition at your customers' locations, your customers are satisfied, and they help deliver to your bottom line and grow your business. But if products arrive damaged or defective, you can suffer from complaints, returns and other problems that cost dearly.

Our Answer - Quality Packaging and Expert Advice

That's why you want to use the best packaging supplies and expertise to protect your products while in transit. Quality packaging supplies will stand up to pressure and shocks experienced in trucks, rail cars, ships and cargo planes. And our expert advice will help you use the products in the best way to achieve protection, avoid waste, and optimize your packing operation.

We stock standard sizes and types of boxes, bags, stretch wrap, tapes, accessories, and much, much more. With more than 500 different types of products, only a small selection of products are high-lighted on this web site. If we don't have what you need, we'll obtain it for you. What's more, we develop custom packaging to protect special items. Can't find what you're looking for? Click Here to see our complete line of products in stock!

Important Note: This web site contains information about the products we supply and advice on their use. The advice is the best we can offer, based on our knowledge and experience. However, applications, situations and requirements vary widely, and people have different skills, habits and circumstances. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the results you achieve utilizing the recommendations and advice contained on this web site. Please contact us so we can give you hands-on assistance.
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