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A full line of trash cans and liners to meet industry’s requirements in all office, food-handling and manufacturing applications for use both indoors and outdoors.

Brute® Containers & Accessories Tilt Trucks
Brute® Containers & Accessories Tilt Trucks
Recycling Containers Hands-Free Receptacle
Recycling Containers Hands-Free Receptacle
Trash Cans Can Liners
Trash Cans Can Liners

Employers require an ever-expanding choice of soaps for employee needs. The reasons are two-fold: The wide variety of jobs in office, food preparation and industrial environments, and the fact that employees are more demanding and discriminating. We are responding with an ever increasing selection of soaps to meet the growing needs, so that you can meet your employees’ needs, and, at the same time, contain your costs.

Usage Advice
The appropriate strength of liners for the job saves time and money. When the liners are too thin for the contents, the bag can break and require replacement liners and cleanup. When the liners are too thick, the user is paying too much for the job. Here’s a usage guide for selecting liner strength:

  • Light – for crumpled papers, cups and other light waste
  • Medium – for packaging waste, wet paper and other similar waste
  • Heavy – For light wood, metal scraps, wet cardboard and the like
  • Extra heavy – for the heaviest cleanup jobs in places like the warehouse, cafeteria and facility grounds
Common Mistakes
Leaking liquids in industrial trash is one of the most difficult problems in manufacturing and distributing operations. When liquids leak, time and money are lost; cleanup must be rapid because of the danger of accidents and disrupted operations. Therefore, liners with star-seal bottoms should be used, because they contain liquids better than liners with flat bottoms.

Our trash cans and other waste receptacles are made from the strongest extruded plastic or the highest quality sheet steel. Receptacles, manufactured by the leaders in their field, like Howard, Rubbermaid and United Receptacle, are available in sizes from 10 quarts to 55 gallons. Liners, manufactured from high-quality blended resins for superior strength and puncture resistance, are available in sizes from 10 quarts to 55 gallons in clear, black, beige and red.

If you have any questions about our products use, please contact us at or by phone at (610) 356-8500.

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