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We supply a full line of strapping materials and grades used to secure loads during shipping and the tools specifically designed to apply the strapping.

Polypropylene/Polyester Strapping Strapping Tools & Equipment
Polypropylene/Polyester Strapping Strapping Tools & Equipment
Steel Strapping Edge & Guard Protectors
Steel Strapping Edge & Guard Protectors
Polypropylene, polyester and steel strapping is used to secure particularly heavy loads, usually containing things like steel pipes and heavy machinery, during shipping. In some cases, where the surface of the load needs to be protected, the strapping can be used in conjunction with stretch wrap or edge protectors.

The specific strapping material and grade best suited for the packaging job depend on numerous factors, including the form and weight of the package, the method of shipment and the distance to the destination. Because the conditions and shipping requirements of each packaging job vary widely, the technical solutions also vary widely. Please call us with the particulars of your packaging job, and we will help you decide on the best solution and the ways to protect your shipment safely and cost-effectively.

Different types of strapping tools are available, depending on the characteristics of the strapping material and the specific application. Standard methods and general grades of tools are used for routine applications, but premium-grade equipment is necessary for high-volume and rugged applications.

Usage Advice
Steel strapping, while the strongest material and impervious to abrasion, can be dangerous if not utilized with the utmost care and the best safety precautions. Be sure to wear the protective clothing, gloves and eye protection. When cutting steel strapping, be sure to secure the loose end, so that it does not whip free and cut or injure you or a co-worker with its sharp edges. Also, special care should be taken to secure the loose end when uncoiling steel strapping, because it can also whip free and cause injury.

Polypropylene is easier to work with than steel, but it is not as strong as steel. Polyester strapping is replacing steel in numerous applications. It is easier to use, safer, and less expensive than steel.

Each strap on a load will rarely, if ever, need to restrain the full weight of the load. For example, a 2,000 lb. load does not necessarily require 2,000-lb. tensile-strength strapping.

Common Mistakes
Loose straps of any material will allow a load to shift during transit. Therefore, strapping should be tightened the right amount. However, tight straps may cut into some products, thereby damaging and in some cases destroying the product. Edge protectors can alleviate this problem.

Strapping is manufactured in polypropylene, polyester and steel, in various gauges, tensile strengths and elongation characteristics. All strapping products we supply utilize the highest grade materials available. Strapping is available in widths from ¼ inch to 1 ¼ inch, and in strengths from 200 lb. to 5,000 lb. nominal break strength.

If you have any questions about our products use, please contact us at or by phone at (610) 356-8500.
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