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We have it all in one place. We offer a complete line of packaging and janitorial supplies, and we deliver the expert advice that ensures you get the best performance and greatest value from those supplies.
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Effectiveness and Cost Reduction

Often in business, true effectiveness also reduces costs. First, we help you make sure that the way your employees are packing your products will protect them in transport and does not utilize either too much or too little material. Often, it's a question of making sure that the most fragile portions of a product are protected with the right material, be it bubble wrap, peanuts or kraft paper. The use of excess supplies can waste both time and money, and may actually harm the product.

The process is the key. We will help you analyze and then enhance the work flow and the processes used in your shipping department, to increase efficiency and reduce time and material costs.

We can help you assure the effectiveness of your shipping department and keep costs down. Here's how we do it:

We visit your location and spend the necessary time for success.
We conduct an analysis of your current operations, including your processes, the work flow and your consumption level of supplies.
We interview key managers and employees.
We deliver our recommendations to you.
We assist you in implementing the recommendations.
In this way, we help you to become more effective, and perhaps even save money in the process.

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