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Inventory Monitoring

Maintaining the right inventory level is important for all businesses. Too much inventory means that you have tied up critical capital unnecessarily. Too little inventory means that you may run out of the packaging or janitorial supplies you require for an important job. The ideal is to maintain just the right inventory level that assures efficient continued operation and does not immobilize essential financial resources.

We can assist you in maintaining the ideal inventory level. Here's how we do it:

We interview you and determine your usage levels for key packaging items.
Periodically, we tabulate your inventory of packaging materials.
We list which items appear below the optimum level for your rate of usage and suggest quantities to reorder.
We submit this list to you, review it with you, obtain your input, and then get your authorization on reorder items and amounts.
We deliver the items to you.
Thus, you do not have to worry about your packaging inventory or your janitorial supplies. You can focus on your business. And you retain ultimate control.

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