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We have it all in one place. We offer a complete line of packaging and janitorial supplies, and we deliver the expert advice that ensures you get the best performance and greatest value from those supplies.
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The Lafayette Premier Service Program

Guaranteed Customer Support

This is what we do for our customers, no question, no excuses. Once you're a Lafayette customer, you get personal attention, speedy delivery of your orders, and the use of our new Instant Access Order process for placing orders online and for obtaining up-to-date account information.
  • Personal Touch - It's reassuring when you hear the real human voice of someone who knows you and your business. We provide that. When you call Lafayette, you will hear a real person, one of our team members who knows you and your business, and is happy to talk with you and meet your needs.
  • Rapid Delivery - Our goal is to get your order to you when and where you require it. In most cases, our delivery schedules include next-day delivery. However, some special orders may require more time.
  • Account Updates - We keep your accounts current, so that you know exactly what you've ordered, what's been shipped, what you've paid for, and what invoices are due. In this way, you have more accurate information to base your business decisions on.
  • Adjustable Invoicing - Many businesses adjust their accounts payable schedule to provide for the maximum in capital utilization and the minimum in administration. We will work with you, so that you can make payments when it's most convenient for you and in the form you require. For example, we will group all invoices for presentation on a specific date every month.
  • Instant Access Order Process - Our online capability means that you can place orders electronically, and you can obtain the latest information on your account. The process is easy, just click on Customer Log-In and follow the prompts. You need only enter your Purchase Order number, fill in the quantities and transmit.

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